Tuesday, 2 September 2008

Google Chrome (YAWB)

Yet, Another Web Browser.

Yeah, another big compatibility issue for web based systems.
Are those sounds of web developers crying?

But we shouldn't be pessimistic, Google Chrome was made using WebKit that is the same renderer framework that uses Safari. So if your site looks good in Safari it should look good with Chrome (this will help Safari to has more compatible sites). Chrome uses a sandbox for each tab, so you won't have the problems that IE and Firefox have when a site tab gets busy with javascript execution.
They developed V8, a "new javascript engine". Little time ago, Mozilla people said that with the new realease of Firefox (3.1) they speed ups the javascript execution. I wonder which will be better. This is important because more and more applications are running on the client side over the javascript engine.

I used it a couple of hours. I just find three problems. It freeze some seconds when you open some tabs with You Tube videos and if you try to jump from one tab to another. When you open lot of tabs and you go from one to another Chrome take a little time to reload, maybe it load the page data from hard disk. When you scroll large page with a lot of images it didn't refresh the page so quickly you can't see that. After that, is really a good tool and a great initial release.

PD: Do you remember when Google people said that they won't develop a new web browser?

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